TortoiseSVN and Creating a Patch Containing New Files in New Directories

This morning I was attempting to create a patch, using TortoiseSVN, that contained new files within newly added directories.  When I selected the files to include in the patch, I was met with the following message:

You’ve selected added folders.  The patch won’t contain added files within such added folders.  Do you want to proceed anyway?

Sure enough, some of the files were not included in the patch.  Thinking this must be my fault, I blew away the new directories and reverted everything to the previous version.  I then created the new directories and added back the new files making sure that the Add to Subversion was all done properly.

The second time I received the same error.  The TortoiseSVN docs did not seem to offer any suggestions so I download the Subversion binaries from here at  Afterwards, I was able to create the patch by running:

svn diff > pathfilename.patch

The patch file produced was just as I hoped it would be, including all directories and files.  I’m not sure if I was doing something wrong in TortoiseSVN or if this is just a bug, but if you encounter this error just download the Subversion binaries and run the diff from the commandline.

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