The Toilet Bowl Manager

This is number 4 in my series of ridiculous happenings in my software development career.

I had just left my first paying job at Ubber-IT Company to start a new job at a small consulting firm specializing in the new paradigm of "Client-Server" development.  I will call this company Upstart Consulting.

Upstart sent me to several weeks of training on their methodology and development tools of choice and then sent me out on my first project.  The project was for a large railroad and our task was develop a scheduling and settlements system for their railcar transactions.

After being at the client site for a few weeks, I dropped by the men’s room one day after lunch for a quick visit.  As I entered the room, I heard an unusual noise that I could not identify.  I looked around and saw a hand drop down from under the first stall wall.  I thought to myself, "My god, this guy is having a heart attack or something!".

I rushed to the stall door and looked over the top.  The guy was sleeping on the toilet!  Snoring quite loudly, I might add.

I went back to my team and told them what I had just seen.  One of my co-workers, an employee of the client, said "Oh yeah, that is <name removed>, he is a manager over the <group name removed> area.  He sleeps on the toilet every day after lunch." 

A brief survey of his employees and peers revealed they were all aware of this interesting habit.

At that point in my career, I had not yet been exposed to the enormous amount of waste that goes on in large companies and I have not seen a situation of this magnitude of acceptance since then. 

Apparently, this goes on much more than my experience tells me.  Here is a video that is very funny.

By the way, Toilet Bowl Manager’s technique was very similar to Coma in toilet 1.



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