Cool Visual Studio Things I’ve Run Across Lately

StickyNotes is a VS 2008 package that adds notes to solutions, projects, and project items.  The information is stored in the solution and project files.  This is functionality that I have always thought would be nice to have in Visual Studio.  The coolest part of this is that the tool window is not WinForms, it is WPF.  Written by Pablo Galiano and hosted on MSDN Code Gallery.  Sadly, no source code is available yet but it is promised soon.

MSDN Code Gallery is a new site that was introduced by Microsoft.  The site already has many good examples and pointers to good information.  It looks strikingly similar to CodePlex, only not so green.  I am not sure why these sites needed to be separate but I am sure someone has a good reason.

Scott Hanselman has put up a post with various VS themes.  It has become very fashionable to show off your custom themes lately.  I sort of like the Jedi Scheme.  The name is certainly a can’t miss.

Microsoft has just released a CTP version of the new XSLT Profiler for VS 2008.  My recent tribulations with debugging xslt have given me a huge appreciation for tools in this area.

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