Unity DI Container CTP

Microsoft Patterns and Practices has released a CTP (Community Technology Preview) of Unity, a new DI container.  So far, documentation is lacking but hopefully will be forthcoming.  It appears future versions of Enterprise Library will utilize this container.  P&P is having a workshop next week for those who really want to jump in head first.

For those who might be a little confused by this offering because of the previous pushing of ObjectBuilder from the P&P team, here is a post going into some detail about ObjectBuilder whether or not is does DI.

Update 2/15/2008 10am –

Grigori Melnik, from P&P, kindly pointed out that a CHM is shipped with Unity.  After checking, I found that I missed it because the zip file places the CHM one directory above the Unity directory in the tree.  Since everything else in the distribution started from the Unity directory, I overlooked it. 

I am still having some problems reading the CHM file from my machine.  The help browser seems to be attempting to read the content from the internet and cannot find it.  Since people are referring to the documentation in discussion posts, this must be something specific to my machine or a low percentage problem.

Update 2/15/2008 11:20am –

The problem with the viewing of the CHM was security related.  The short answer is open the file properties dialog for the CHM file, uncheck Read-only, press the Unblock button and accept the changes.  The longer description is here.

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