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They say you learn something new every day and that is certainly the case today.  It started with this post where I incorrectly stated that documentation for Unity was lacking.  After Grigori corrected me on that, I attempted to read the documentation and was presented with this error from HTMLHelp:

Whenever I nagivated to other topics, I received a similar but not identical message:

Since others were describing material that had been read from the Unity documentation, I assumed that the problem was most likely a setting on my local machine.  After a little searching on google, I didn’t really find anything.

I looked at the properties of the CHM in windows explorer and found the problem:

I was unaware that this functionality existed.  It could be that it has been there for quite some time since it seems less common that help is shipped in this format than it used to be.  Anyway, just pressing Unblock and applying the changes is not enough.  You must also make the file writeable.  If the file is Read-only, you will find that the Unblock button is still there along with the security message when you bring up the properties dialog again.  After unchecking Read-only, pressing Unblock, and accepting the changes, I was able to view the documentation.

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