A Weekend of Websites and Marketing

This weekend was spent working on the marketing plan and website for my upcoming product, which I will start talking a lot more about in the next few weeks.  Yes, even a small company had better have a marketing plan.  Maybe not the huge formal document you are thinking of, but I believe something written down is important for no other reason than it forces you to think about marketing in detail.

Bob Walsh, author of Micro-ISV: From Vision to Reality, has written a new e-book titled MicroISV Sites that Sell!.  Quite timely for me.  I obviously jumped at it and have already gone through about half the book.  At $19, the book is well worth the cost. 

The book covers mistakes that ISVs make on their sites and why they make them.  The next part covers how to refine your message for your target market.  That is as far as I’ve gone so far, but I think the book is applicable for more than just small software companies.  I think it can be useful for anyone presenting a product or service on the internet.  I plan on putting up a full review when I’m finished reading the book.

Those interested in other similar books should also check out Eric Sink On The Business Of Software.  Eric and Bob are the moderators for the Joel on Software Business of Software Forum.

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One Response to “A Weekend of Websites and Marketing”

  1. Bob Walsh on February 18th, 2008 8:54 am

    Thanks Darren for the kind words; your readers will find a free excerpt at: http://www.47hats.com/index.php/2008/02/18/why-microisvs-fail-to-sell/536/