Visual Studio Links #2

I changed the idea of these posts from once a week to a few times a week because the list gets a little long if I wait a week.

.NET Mass Downloader 1.2 introduces the ability to work behind a proxy server.  The post points to an article on CodePlex that shows how to get this working with Express as well.

Visual Studio Extensions for Windows Sharepoint Services 1.1 has been released.  Currently for 2005 only but 2008 should be coming this summer.

Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition Power Tools has been released.

As previously mentioned, JetBrains has started the EAP for ReSharper 4.0

This is a good article on How to Submit Problems or Bugs to Microsoft about VS that discusses alternatives to opening a case with support.

John Robbins discussed the new version of SOSEX that has been released.  SOSEX, written by Steve Johnson,  provides useful extensions to WinDBG.  Anyone who uses WinDBG quite a bit should look at this.  John’s post also points to his prior description of SOSEX, which is a good read as well.

The Visual Web Developer team blog has an overview of the tooling that will be accompanying the next release of MVC.

Nannette Thacker discusses the installation of the Ajax Control Toolkit in VS.

The Visual Web Developer team shows how to get Javascript Intellisense working with jQuery.

Maarten Balliauw shows how to use performance analysis tools in VS 2008.

ScottGu pointed out Charlie Calvert’s blog post on the Expression Tree Visualizer for LINQ.  This is very cool and is actually one of the online samples for C# in VS 2008.  I had missed this one.

Bart De Smet posted a good explanation of creating and debugging custom MSBuild tasks.

Pablo Galiano posted that a new version of the Guidance Automation Extensions has been released and now supports VS 2005 and 2008.  Software Factory goodness for the masses.

Scott Guthrie speaks on the .Net 3.5 Client Product Roadmap here.  Improved .Net Framework Setup integration with 3rd party setup products and improved cold start times are my favorites.

Not really VS specific but here is a good article on monitoring IIS application pool restarts.

If you are a college student, look here to find out how to get VS 2008 for free.

Quan To posted a few links to articles on migrating Visual Studio packages from 2005 to 2008.

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