White UI Testing Framework for Windows Applications

I just read this post on InfoQ written by Jay Flowers.  Jay discusses a new framework that has been released on CodePlex called White

White is a testing framework for the UI layer and supports Win32, Windows Forms, WPF, and the SWT java framework.  For those of you who may be surprised about the java framework part of SWT, I’ll let you know that this is possible because SWT is actually implemented using native UI Widgets on each platform it supports.  Since native code is being executed, I would presume any testing framework that works at the Win32 level would also work on SWT.

The thing I really like when I first look at White is the syntax and the apparent support of non standard UI controls.  The main drawback I have seen with other attempts at UI testing frameworks is that they do not easily accept controls that are not shipped with Windows Forms.

The CodePlex site has some samples and a link to a good getting started tutorial.

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3 Responses to “White UI Testing Framework for Windows Applications”

  1. Michael on February 20th, 2008 5:42 pm

    Interesting read…looks really easy to use. So in your opinion, where then does it leave commercial apps like Winrunner and automated testing tools?

    Sure Winrunner can record your actions, but with White it looks like it’s just as easy to script those same actions.

  2. Darren Stokes on February 20th, 2008 6:08 pm

    Winrunner is quite well known so I am sure it will remain around. It also has the ability to capture the test while the user is running the application, which is nice.

    The problem I have always had with Winrunner, at least everytime I have looked at it, is that it uses the windows accessability api to read the controls. If you happen to need to test a control that doesn’t handle accessability properly, you are out in the cold. You can always use absolute positioning but that leads to very brittle tests.

    The Winrunner scripting language is not real fun to use, at least not for me. I would rather use something like White if I have to result to writing code.

    I really see White as a good unit testing tool where Winrunner might be more at the integration test layer. Winrunner will likely excel in load testing senarios as well.

  3. Anton Valter on February 27th, 2009 10:16 pm

    Could you, please, tell me, what GUI(or nonGUI) Tests-Runner i must use to run White tests.
    I use NUnit to run nonGUI unit test. But,unfortunately, i can’t use it to run White tests.