ASP.NET MVC Preview 2 is available

Preview 2 of ASP.NET MVC has been posted to Microsoft Downloads. 

One of the nice features that will be available this time around is full source code and permission to compile it if you need to fix a bug.

Release Notes are available here.  I was pleased to see a few of the items that I had complained about corrected in this release.

  • IControllerFactory.CreateController() now takes a string for the controller name instead of a Type instance.  This helps a lot for IOC containers because most people seem to prefer names instead of types.
  • Added Dispose method to IControllerFactory to support IOC recycling semantics
  • and most important:  ControllerBuilder.SetDefaultControllerFactory has been renamed to SetControllerFactory and now has an override that takes and instance of IControllerFactory.

The last one is nice because I had to write some ugly code before in SpringControllerFactory (MVCContrib) because SetDefaultControllerFactory had previously taken a Type parameter for the IControllerFactory.  If you wanted to share a context between the controller factory instance and another part of your app you had to resort to the ugly code method because you had no control over when and how often the controller factory was created.

Thanks should go to the ASP.NET MVC development team for obviously taking feedback from the community seriously.  Check the release notes for other improvements to the api.

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