Visual Studio Links #8

My latest in a series of the weekly, or more often, summary of interesting links I come across related to Visual Studio.

Vishal Joshi posted an overview of the VS tooling integration that shipped with ASP.NET MVC last week.

Marlon Grech discusses how to add Input Prompt support in Vista with WPF using Avalon Controls Library.

Via Steve Pietrek: Letz Roeder has released version 5.1 of .NET Reflector.

Via Jason Haley:  Creating a Debugger Visualizer for Graphics instances on Code Project.  Source included, of coarse.

Via email from Ted Heuer:  ILog has released an open source java to C# translater that can handle generic types.  According to ILog, this is used internally to help port their java rules engine product to .Net.  It is also available as an Eclipse plug-in that can take an Eclipse project and generate a VS project.

Alessandro Del Sole has written an article on Code Project explaining how to Use WPF Controls in VSTO Solutions with Visual Basic 2008.

Keyvan Nayyeri has released Visual Studio Extensibility.  The book covers VS 2008.  As of when I am writing this post, a quick search revealed that Amazon has the book for $2 cheaper than B&N, even with a B&N membership.  Both are still showing the book as pre-release but Keyvan says that should be corrected very soon and Wrox should have it for purchase immediately.  From the posted table of contents, information that I have not seen covered in other books on VS Extensions include: 

  • Debugging and Testing Add-Ins
  • Creating a Windows Installer for your Add-In (where was this when I needed it?)
  • Localization
  • VS Shell, which is new to 2008 so it could not have appeared in previous books
  • DSL Tools, also new
  • Extending the debugger
  • VSPackages
  • MSBuild

Sara Ford explains how to turn off the prompting to rename your classes when you rename the files in Visual Studio.  With this option turned off, the renaming happens automatically without the prompt.

Carlos Quintero pointed out an excellent set of posts dedicated to learning the VS SDK.

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