IconLover – my icon tool of choice

I am absolutely terrible at editing graphics.  There are things in life that I am good at and the task of creating graphics for my applications is simply not one of them.  I’ve been in a continual search for an image editing program that makes the task easy for me.  Most of the time, I either contract with a graphics designer or buy image packs, but often the images are still not the exact size or format I need.

If you’ve done any work with Visual Studio add-ins or VSPackages, you know that just getting the background color correct can be a chore.  The Visual Studio graphics editor doesn’t make the task any easier either.

This search has led me to a tool that I plan on sticking with for quite a while:  IconLover.  The tool is easy to use, even for a no talent designer like myself.  My favorite feature is the ability to create image lists in a quick, easy, fashion. 

VSX developers will appreciate this feature a great deal.

By the way, the creator of IconLover, Aha-Soft, didn’t give me a free license or pay me anything for posting this.  I just like the tool and thought I would pass it along.

D2Sig in Houston

This past Thursday, I attended the first meeting of the D2Sig in Houston.  The D2 stands for "Developer 2 Designer" and the group will be focused on the XAML technologies of WPF and Silverlight as well as any area where developers and designers might need to work more closely than they have in the past.

Markus Egger from EPS was the presenter and, as always, he gave a great presentation which included a general overview of WPF, Silverlight, and some demo video of a Surface table in action.

I would recommend this new group to designers or developers in the Houston area that are interested in the these new up and coming technologies.

I’m guessing around 30 or so people showed up to the first meeting so I think that is a pretty good start. 

J Sawyer has an official announcement here for the first meeting with a little more detail.  The upcoming meetings will be the first Tuesday of each month at the Microsoft offices in Houston.