IconLover – my icon tool of choice

I am absolutely terrible at editing graphics.  There are things in life that I am good at and the task of creating graphics for my applications is simply not one of them.  I’ve been in a continual search for an image editing program that makes the task easy for me.  Most of the time, I either contract with a graphics designer or buy image packs, but often the images are still not the exact size or format I need.

If you’ve done any work with Visual Studio add-ins or VSPackages, you know that just getting the background color correct can be a chore.  The Visual Studio graphics editor doesn’t make the task any easier either.

This search has led me to a tool that I plan on sticking with for quite a while:  IconLover.  The tool is easy to use, even for a no talent designer like myself.  My favorite feature is the ability to create image lists in a quick, easy, fashion. 

VSX developers will appreciate this feature a great deal.

By the way, the creator of IconLover, Aha-Soft, didn’t give me a free license or pay me anything for posting this.  I just like the tool and thought I would pass it along.


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  1. dima on June 25th, 2010 3:48 am

    It’s true