How do I get a Core Data SQLite datastore off of a test device?

This was a question asked at the last NSCoder night. I didn’t realize the answer was so easy so I thought I would share it here in case others might not know. Just so appropriate credit is given, Ashley Clark was the one who pointed this out to us.

Go to the XCode Organizer while your device is attached and select your device in the left column. The bottom right panel will display a list of applications installed on the device. Scroll to your app. Because the app is installed using a testing profile it should have an arrow to the left than can be expanded. After expanding it, you should see the Application Data directory with an arrow pointing down to the right of the name. Selecting that arrow will give you a prompt to specify a location for that Application Data directory to be saved to your development machine.

The Application Data directory will contain your SQLite store under the Documents folder in addition to preferences, temp data, and anything else stored in the Application Data directory for the app.

Houston iPhone DevCamp

The Houston iPhone DevCamp is going to be held the weekend of January 30-31 in the space next door to CoffeeGroundz. There will be a total of 12 talks during the day Saturday with a happy hour at the end of the day to celebrate the 1st year of the Houston iPhone Developer Meetup.

Starting Saturday evening and going through the night until mid-Sunday morning, there is an iPhone App Jam scheduled. The idea is to develop a complete iPhone app overnight and present what you have developed the next morning. I will be participating and I know of several others that plan on it as well. Don’t be discouraged if you are a newbie to iPhone development as several of the talks will be introductory to help you get started (there will also be advanced talks for those who have been at it a while).

I’ll be giving an introductory talk on Core Data but there will always be two talks going at the same time so you have the opportunity to not have to listen to me if that doesn’t sound attractive. You can sign up on the DevCamp site so I hope to see you there!