My name is Darren Stokes.  My day job involves working my company, Concurrent Access Software, developing software and providing consulting to clients.

I began my career working with mainframes programming jcl, cobol, and assembly.  Within a year, I discovered that life was not for me and moved on to programming on Windows 3.0 and DOS using c, c++, and assembler.  I worked with unix and various windows versions developing mostly c++ and some Visual Basic for about 5 years when the java platform really took off.  I spent around 5 years working with java and j2ee servers and went back to the Microsoft platform with .Net 1.1 doing consulting work and writing extensions for Visual Studio.  I then moved to working with the Mac platform developing Objective-C programs for the desktop, iPad, and the iPhone.

You can reach me via email – darrenstokes@concurrentaccess.com and/or follow me on twitter – @darrenstokes