Houston ALT.NET Coding Dojo on TDD – May 7, 2009

J.P. Hamilton has organized a Coding Dojo that will cover TDD.  It will be held at the Microsoft offices in Houston at 6pm on May 7th.  Space is limited to 40 participants so sign up early if you want to attend.

Houston ALT.NET Conference coming in April

Ben Scheirman has announced that he is putting together a Houston ALT.NET Conference and it will be held at the Microsoft Offices the weekend of April 3-5, 2009.  It will follow the Open Spaces format and it should be good based on my prior history with these sorts of events.

The event will be free to all attendees so plan on coming if you can make it.  Unfortunately, I will probably end up missing the event since I will be taking a trip to Redmond and flying out that Sunday.

I Finally Joined Twitter

After spending time listening to the Virtual ALT.NET Meeting last night, I decided that I needed to go ahead and join Twitter because I was clearly missing out on some interesting community discussion.

James Avery had already told me that he found it a great resource, but sometimes I guess I need to hear it from more than one place.

The tipping point for me was the discussion around the VB.NET development community and open source.  There was a great discussion of issues at the VAN and it was kicked off because of the lively discussion that had occurred on Twitter a few hours earlier.

I wished I could have participated a little in the discussion but I’ve had a major cold over the last few days and I was a little drugged up on cold medication.  I ended up leaving the meeting after an hour so I could retire for the night so I missed the last part.  Some of the great discussion:

  • VB.NET community involvement in open source
  • Difficulties encountered when introducing new concepts like IoC and ORM to .NET developers that have not been exposed before.
  • Mass Transit
  • migratordotnet and the newer Fluent Migrator that is being worked on

I’ll definitely be attending the future VAN meetings and hope to participate.

You can find me on Twitter – darrenstokes.

Houston TechFest Coming 1/24/09

The Houston .NET User Group is putting on the second Houston TechFest on January 24 at the University of Houston.  The conference was originally scheduled for the Saturday that Hurricane Ike hit the Houston and Galveston area so this is rescheduled date.

Here are several tracks to choose from concentrating on both java and .NET.

I was out of town for the first TechFest but everyone who attended said it was well worth it.

Virtual ALT.NET Meeting and Houston Geek Dinner Tonight (1/7/09)

Chad Myers announced that there is VAN (Virtual ALT.NET Meeting) tonight.  It is hosted on Live Meeting.

I’ve been wanting to attend one of the Houston Geek Dinners for the Houston ALT.NET group but I keep missing them.  The next geek dinner is tonight and, unfortunately, I am going to miss this one as well.  However the VAN is later in the evening so I’ll be checking that out.

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